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Payment options

Cash payment

Pay cash upon receipt of your delivery.

Bank Transfer

Make your payment directly to one of the following bank accounts:

Account name: PRIMAEVO, S.A.


Cordobas: 106008332

Dollars: 106206154

✅ Please proceed at this time to transfer by bank transfer the total of your order to any of the bank accounts provided above. We ask you to share the transfer number to our WhatsApp at +(505) 5737-5104 after making the transaction. Thank you!

Payments with credit card

You can pay with any national or international credit or debit card.

These are our instructions:

  • Select the option to pay by credit card when proceeding with your cart.

  • Immediately we will send you a link with your invoice including the total. Please add your credit card information to the link and the payment will be completed.
  • All transactions are made through BAC, so we do not keep any credit card information.