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Tesoros Del Sol is a small farm in Tola, owned and operated by Nicaraguans, French and Americans residing in Nicaragua. Our mission is to cultivate and share the treasures of the sun with our beautiful local communities. We use three different approaches to clean farming: hydroponics, greenhouse, and traditional farming. Our water is structured, our energy is almost entirely solar, and we use no pesticides or chemicals in the growing process. When you explore our product offering, you'll find a variety of items straight from the ground, as well as delicious foods prepared in our on-farm commercial kitchen. Our menu is constantly changing based on seasonal availabilities and our ongoing journey as farmers and chefs. We also offer fruits and vegetables from other farms for distribution. These are identified in the "details" section of each article. It is an honor to distribute products from our neighbors here in Nicaragua: local artisans, chefs and growers sell their products on our platform. As we grow, we will make nutritious food more accessible and more delicious. Remember... you are what you eat!